To The Mom Who Can't Be "There"...

If you have been following me for a while you probably know these two things about me, 1. I am a kindergarten teacher, and 2. I have son named Charlie who is now 6 years old. If you are a mom too I am sure you have what I call, "mom guilt" from time to time. My "mom guilt" mostly occurs when I am not able to be at an important event in my child's life. 
One of the most important events for any child is obviously the first day of school, whether that is Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 9, and so on.  In the last three years of Charlie's school career I have missed taking him on first day of school. I wasn't able to see him go to school in junior/senior Kindergarten and now in Grade 1. 
Don't get me wrong, I do love my teaching job, but not being able to see my own child off to school on his first day because I am enjoying the first days of all my students definitely makes me feel like a mom failure. I know that I should remember all the positive things I get to with my child in the summertime, but it's hard knowing that these 'magical' young ages aren't going to be around forever.
So to the mom who can't be "there" please remember, you are doing everything you can for your child. I tend to ask friends to get pictures for me so it looks like I was '"there", and remember to give your child a huge hug when he or she comes home from school. Mom guilt doesn't go away easily, and I am hoping some of you can sincerely relate to this post. We all will need to miss events in our child's lives for reasons we can't really control (mine is going to work), but just know your child will be ok without you 'there' and he or she will always love you the same.

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