Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Well I have kind of been asking myself the same thing lately. I feel like I have turned into a bit of a micro-instagram blogger over the last few months and I think it was a good break for me. I won't lie the last couple months have been a bit challenging but if you're a Florence and the Machine fan you'll understand, I think "The Dog Days Are Over".
It's great to be back posting again, and I will be posting regularly, with hopefully YouTube starting up very soon. I actually just bought a new camera, which was a long time coming, but it's going to hopefully make blogging easier.  At times, maintaining the blog stamina, while working full time gets to be a bit too much to keep up with. Some days I wish I could just blog full time, but the brand isn't there yet! Maybe one day right??? Until then I can't wait to show you some new looks and share some great products!
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