New In from Chicuu (and me in a bathing suit!)

One of my goals when launching the new blog was to provide more 'try on' sessions with you. If you follow on Instagram then you know I LOVE to do try on session on Insta-stories and I can tell you guys like them too as they are my most watched stories. So today let's bring the Insta-story to the blog!
If you've been following along for a while then you know I love to find a great clothing piece at an even better price. I tend to shop a lot on the budget friendly sites (yes- some are better than others, but that will be a whole other post). Today, let's look at a new budget friendly site to me called Chicuu. This site is similar to the other budget friendly sites because there is a wide variety of trendy clothes and accessories, and YES they are legit! I get asked about the legitimacy of these sites quite a bit and if I am sharing an online site with you, then trust me it is legit.
As with most budget friendly sites, you need to leave yourself a couple weeks for shipping so make sure you order a few weeks ahead of a holiday, or occasion if that's what you need the item for. So let's dive in and take a look at what items I got from Chicuu and what I think of each.

First up is this navy lace dress, of course I was drawn to it right away. The material on this dress is actually nice. The lace has intricate details, and there is just enough 'pouf' to wear to really any occasion you may have. I ordered a large in this one-make sure you check the size guide on items as some of the sizing is NOT regular sizing. I find many items fit smaller than North American sizes, but lately the budget sites have been changing their sizing to be more aligned with ours. 
I find the fit of this dress does need some adjusting on me, but that does not affect the overall quality. I would probably get it taken in a smidgeon as the front lace part of the dress gapes a bit. So far so good, this dress lived up to my expecations.
Next up, I chose this off white fuzzy cardigan sweater. I love this sweater, it's very soft and easy to wear over any top, and if you want to add extra structure you could put a belt over it to define your waist. I think this sweater is a total must have piece.

I had so many questions about this blue dress. It's lightweight, and can be worn off the shoulder or on the shoulders for a different look. I know you're saying, "this dress needs to be ironed", ha ha yes it does, but this is how items arrive from online budget shopping sites. You definitely need to get an iron out, and I thought it was worth it to show that not every item arrives "ready to wear". 
I know this dress will be a summer staple and for around $20 it's a total steal!
 This item has completely surprised me! I never thought I would love a bathing suit for a price point under $25, but guess what I love this suit! I love it so much so that I had it taken in at my local tailor because I knew I would be wearing it a lot. The palm print is stunning, and this bathing suit gives a lot of great coverage, so if you're someone (like me), who likes extra coverage this swim suit is for you! Size down in this one I found it runs on the bigger side.
All in all, Chiccu was a pleasant surprise in the online budget site world. It's legit, and definitely with taking a look at!

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