Come on Spring!

Nothing says Spring more than a great floral dress. This has been a hard/long winter here in Ontario,Canada so to get a dose of warmer weather this weekend was so welcomed. Of course I put on my newest Karina dress and headed out to enjoy the day. Karina makes the most flattering dresses perfect for any occasion, I often wear mine to work. I tend to favor the Ruby style as it just suit my body type fantastically!
If you haven't had a look at the Karina dresses site yet head there now, you will be stunned with the gorgeous prints and dress style.

Getting the Groove Back

Right, so this winter is literally kicking my butt. Thankfully I have just caught my first cold of the season but all I have wanted to do is hibernate. When there is a day with great weather it's been a mad dash to get out and take some pictures for the blog. Don't get me wrong, I do love blogging and I wouldn't change what blogging has given me, but bear with me as I begin to get my groove back! Finding people to help me take pictures is getting a bit harder, but it's managing to happen more often now. This pearl sweater arrived a few weeks ago and it's a stunner! The embellishment is so lovely and this sweater is such an easy outfit to throw on for work, or running errands.
So let me know, how do you get your groove back? I have started running again (actually I have been for a few weeks now), so I'll share more on that in a post next week, and it's been helping me get through the long winter months. Stay tuned for more great looks coming soon.

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Family Life

I never thought I would have a boy, I always pictured myself with lots of little girls running around the house. Today, I have one boy (yep just one-don't ask me when I am having more- that's just annoying), and I wouldn't want it any other way. Charlie is such an easy going child and loves to play, many days he doesn't even want to leave the house because he's having fun indoors.
It was rather hard convincing Charlie to head out for some fun activities on Family Day since obviously he was having too much fun inside. Around 12:30 p.m. we finally made our way to A&W for some lunch, cheeseburgers for everyone! Then we headed off to our local YMCA. With a bouncy castle and a free family swim in the pool, the YMCA had everything we needed to have a great day! Shockingly, Charlie wasn't so willing to let me take pictures of him, but I managed to sneak a few.
By the time we got home it was close to dinner time, and time to relax. After a busy family day Georgian Bay Spirit Co. came to the rescue because there were a few of their Vodka Smash beverages in my fridge. The refreshing vodka beverage has become a fave of mine and it's the perfect way to end off a busy fun day.
**Please know I only drank one of the drinks shown below, NOT three like in the picture, please drink responsibly***

Where Do I Take my Outfit Pictures?

Finding the time to take outfit pics is probably the hardest part of blogging. Working a full time job leaves me little time to get out and take pics of great looks.  Lately, I have been asking all my friends to help out with the pictures, and so far they have been doing a great job. Most of my looks are shot on the weekend, and at different spots around Hamilton. I get asked a lot to share the locations that I use and to be honest I kind of hate giving them up. I also tend to shoot a few looks at the same location while using different spots at that location. Hamilton really doesn't have a great selection of cool locations but so far I have been happy with the five or six settings I gravitate too.
So what do I look for in a great setting? First, great light! This is hard to find some days as the sun really isn't my friend, but sheltered areas that are outdoors seem to always have fail proof light. Second, I love a neutral background, I find if there is too much happening behind me, the picture tends to be distracting. Third, I do look at pics from other bloggers to see where they are shooting in my area, and if I notice a spot is being over used I tend to avoid it. The last thing I want is for my pics to look like all the others.
Unfortunately, I am not out and about in the 'cool kid' places all that much anymore so my pictures are more outdoor-like. If you live in Hamilton and know of some great places for shooting pics let me know! I am always looking for new and great spots.

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Wait, It's Valentine's Day?

It's Valentine's Day? Already? Yep, I feel the same way, I actually don't 'buy' into these "hallmark" days very much so Valentine's Day for me, isn't a big deal. I would rather celebrate the ones I love all year long and with my son's birthday on February 13th, most years Valentine's Day takes a backseat. 
My fave types of gifts are ones that are thoughtful, and a little bit quirky! Here is where Lush comes in to save the day. I am a HUGE fan of Lush products and this company reigns when it comes to the best themed bath products.
This Valentine's Day Lush has you covered with the most enchanting gifts for your loved ones. From bath bombs, to scrubs to shower gels, your loved one will be charmed by one of these gifts. My personal fave is the cherry heart soap scrub. I love anything cherry scented so this scrub has won a place in my shower!
Take a look below at all the adorable Valentine products from Lush and make sure you pick one up for your loved one!

New In from Chicuu (and me in a bathing suit!)

One of my goals when launching the new blog was to provide more 'try on' sessions with you. If you follow on Instagram then you know I LOVE to do try on session on Insta-stories and I can tell you guys like them too as they are my most watched stories. So today let's bring the Insta-story to the blog!
If you've been following along for a while then you know I love to find a great clothing piece at an even better price. I tend to shop a lot on the budget friendly sites (yes- some are better than others, but that will be a whole other post). Today, let's look at a new budget friendly site to me called Chicuu. This site is similar to the other budget friendly sites because there is a wide variety of trendy clothes and accessories, and YES they are legit! I get asked about the legitimacy of these sites quite a bit and if I am sharing an online site with you, then trust me it is legit.
As with most budget friendly sites, you need to leave yourself a couple weeks for shipping so make sure you order a few weeks ahead of a holiday, or occasion if that's what you need the item for. So let's dive in and take a look at what items I got from Chicuu and what I think of each.

Custom in Pink

A lot of people ask my why I blog, well simply because I love it. Over the years, blogging has given me some amazing opportunities and today is no different. JJ's house recently asked me to choose a dress that I could show you all, and well, of course I said, "yes!". JJ's house has a HUGE selection of dresses from wedding to prom, or just a night out, they your perfect look.
I was surprised at the amount of colour choices, and it was very hard to decide on 'the' dress. I finally chose the dress in this post, a gorgeous pink lace top dress with a flowy tulle like skirt. This dusty pink colour really spoke to me, and I thought it was perfect for spring.
My dress took around 2-3 weeks to arrive, which is pretty standard shipping time. The lace is gorgeous, and I am super impressed with my dress choice. JJ's house is definitely a great place to shop for 'that' dress.

When Your Fave Print Gets Trendy for Spring

Polka dot prints have taken over for Spring and I don't know how I feel about it. As a long time dot lover, I admit it's nice to see this print out in full force, but part of me is cringing a bit knowing that everyone will be wearing my fave print. Polka dots are always a classic style and maybe I am being over sensitive to this trend but I really want to hang on to my fave polka dot print before it gets over worn.
So let's all swoon over this Dainty Jewell's dress. I love the mixture of larger and smaller polka dots, and this style will always remain timeless and easy to wear. I hope you are loving the polka dot trend, but don't be surprised if I am not too eager to show and see more dots. For now, let me know what prints, or styles you like to consider only 'yours'.