Scared to Change? Yep, Me Too

Moving to this new space has been a bit terrifying for me. I have no idea if this blog will be as inviting for readers, and I don't know what you -the audience- will think of some new content. In essence, I am scared this blog won't be well received. Now, I admit Teach in Fashion, was moderately viewed, and in reflection I think that was because the content wasn't 'great'. My favourite blogs, offer an honest opinion, thoughtful content, and a wide range of content. They are just more 'accessible' to everyone. 
In creating A Little Dash of Pretty, my main goal was to be more relatable. In reality, I need to be a more authentic blog version of me. Sharing more of my life and my thoughts on products (not just the ones I really love) will be me, just being me.
Change is always something I haven't dealt very well with in the past. Whether it's moving, having a child, changing jobs, the adjustment period is very stressful. This blog move is no different. I can't even imagine how hard it is to move to full time blogging (which I am nowhere near ready to attempt), but change always comes with risk. The risk of failing is frightening, but maybe the risk of failing myself is even worse. I felt like Teach in Fashion was starting to fail me, so hence, the change is worth the risk.
When is change worth the risk? Well I guess when you have nothing to lose, and you won't miss the past. I won't miss Teach in Fashion,  just as I don't miss the days before I had Charlie. Letting the dust settle is always the hardest part of change, so I am letting the pretty dust settle into this new space.

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