How Did I End Up Here?

Well this is new, how did I end up here? First off, welcome to my new site A Little Dash of Pretty! I am still the same old me, the kindergarten teacher, mommy, fashion, beauty lover but with a new fresh blog!
Why the change? It was time, I honestly never liked my old blog name Teach in Fashion, I picked it very quickly when I started blogging and over time I grew to actually kind of despise it. I also really wanted to branch out in terms of content. I wanted to offer a wider variety of topics, and when your blog name has 'fashion' in it, it does become rather limiting.
So welcome to this new chapter, I am thrilled you are here and so appreciative that you want to read and follow along. Blogging is still a passion for me, and I really hope this new start will allow me the chance to further express my thoughts. So let's find our pretty together....

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