Scared to Change? Yep, Me Too

Moving to this new space has been a bit terrifying for me. I have no idea if this blog will be as inviting for readers, and I don't know what you -the audience- will think of some new content. In essence, I am scared this blog won't be well received. Now, I admit Teach in Fashion, was moderately viewed, and in reflection I think that was because the content wasn't 'great'. My favourite blogs, offer an honest opinion, thoughtful content, and a wide range of content. They are just more 'accessible' to everyone. 
In creating A Little Dash of Pretty, my main goal was to be more relatable. In reality, I need to be a more authentic blog version of me. Sharing more of my life and my thoughts on products (not just the ones I really love) will be me, just being me.
Change is always something I haven't dealt very well with in the past. Whether it's moving, having a child, changing jobs, the adjustment period is very stressful. This blog move is no different. I can't even imagine how hard it is to move to full time blogging (which I am nowhere near ready to attempt), but change always comes with risk. The risk of failing is frightening, but maybe the risk of failing myself is even worse. I felt like Teach in Fashion was starting to fail me, so hence, the change is worth the risk.
When is change worth the risk? Well I guess when you have nothing to lose, and you won't miss the past. I won't miss Teach in Fashion,  just as I don't miss the days before I had Charlie. Letting the dust settle is always the hardest part of change, so I am letting the pretty dust settle into this new space.

How Did I End Up Here?

Well this is new, how did I end up here? First off, welcome to my new site A Little Dash of Pretty! I am still the same old me, the kindergarten teacher, mommy, fashion, beauty lover but with a new fresh blog!
Why the change? It was time, I honestly never liked my old blog name Teach in Fashion, I picked it very quickly when I started blogging and over time I grew to actually kind of despise it. I also really wanted to branch out in terms of content. I wanted to offer a wider variety of topics, and when your blog name has 'fashion' in it, it does become rather limiting.
So welcome to this new chapter, I am thrilled you are here and so appreciative that you want to read and follow along. Blogging is still a passion for me, and I really hope this new start will allow me the chance to further express my thoughts. So let's find our pretty together....

Athleisure Hater (Find Your Pretty)

Today might actually surprise you, but since I am starting new and really trying to keep it authentic, I have a confession. I actually hate the ath-leisure trend. I see some girls rockin' it, and of course they look amazing, but it's definitely NOT for me. I really don't even like a hoodie because I hate having extra bulk around my neck. Wearing tights, with a trendy sweatshirt is my around the house look and I lived in an Old Navy sweatshirt for most of the holiday break. I would NEVER be able to pull off an ath-leisure look on a daily basis, as this trend doesn't make me feel good about myself. AND, let's be honest here, if what you're wearing doesn't make you feel good, GET IT OFF! What you wear on a daily basis should make you feel like a queen.
On to this outfit, so why am I wearing a hoodie when I have just told you I hate them? This new blog space is all about finding your pretty, and well this might make someone else feel pretty. I don't think it looks that bad on me, I just don't feel like me wearing it. It also o.k. to say that you don't like something, which I was always a bit nervous to share before now.  
Now let's talk, what makes you feel pretty? 

Battle of the Teddy Coats

The most controversial item I have shown recently on my Instagram feed is probably the teddy coat. You know the oversize coat that feels like a stuffed toy you had when you were younger? This coat has been a massive trend and well I am totally on board with it! SO today, let's battle the teddy coats!  The first coat I am wearing is from SheIn and yep I love it! Of course it has very little shape, but I don't care with a pair of skinny jeans and Uggs or Timberlands I feel like a rockstar! The quality is plush, soft, and this coat comes in around ten different colours.