Athleisure Hater (Find Your Pretty)

Today might actually surprise you, but since I am starting new and really trying to keep it authentic, I have a confession. I actually hate the ath-leisure trend. I see some girls rockin' it, and of course they look amazing, but it's definitely NOT for me. I really don't even like a hoodie because I hate having extra bulk around my neck. Wearing tights, with a trendy sweatshirt is my around the house look and I lived in an Old Navy sweatshirt for most of the holiday break. I would NEVER be able to pull off an ath-leisure look on a daily basis, as this trend doesn't make me feel good about myself. AND, let's be honest here, if what you're wearing doesn't make you feel good, GET IT OFF! What you wear on a daily basis should make you feel like a queen.
On to this outfit, so why am I wearing a hoodie when I have just told you I hate them? This new blog space is all about finding your pretty, and well this might make someone else feel pretty. I don't think it looks that bad on me, I just don't feel like me wearing it. It also o.k. to say that you don't like something, which I was always a bit nervous to share before now.  
Now let's talk, what makes you feel pretty? 

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