What to Wear- Holiday Edition (NYE!)

One of the items on my clothing bucket list is definitely a sequin party dress. I really don't go to parties much anymore so any excuse to dress up and take a picture in a pretty dress is just the same as going to a party for me. This dress is a whole lotta party! I paired it over a black shirt because well it was a bit too low cut in the front for me, but I rather like it paired with the black shirt. The rainbow colours of the dress really 'pop' against the black. For under $30 this dress is a steal of a deal!

My Must Have Accessories with Victoria Emerson

Accessories, I must admit are hard for me to shop for. Many years ago I was a Stella and Dot rep, and I found I had way too many accessories that I wasn't wearing (probably over 100 items). In the years since I have drastically reduced the amount of accessories in my collection. I now many have four bracelets, five rings, and around eight necklaces. Of course I have my purses (yep I love them!), but I am being very picky about the accessories I buy and add to my collection.
Having recently discovered Victoria Emerson, I have finally found my perfect watch. Believe it or not, I really didn't have a watch that I felt was truly 'mine'. This rose gold beauty has a minimalistic face with gorgeous details. This watch is not bulky, sits perfectly flat on my wrist (yes that's hard for me to find in a watch as my wrist is quite small), and is incredibly light.  Trust me if you're looking for a watch Victoria Emerson has it for you. What a great gift for an upcoming occasion ( Valentine's Day maybe..).
Victoria Emerson's signature items is definitely their wrap bracelets. I admit I wasn't sure about this item, BUT as soon as I saw it in the box my heart sang. You really have to see one and try on one of the wrap bracelets. The bracelet can easily be wrapped around my wrist about 6 times and is a real standout piece. I actually would LOVE LOVE LOVE another one. You can see it on me in the pic below, I wore it on Christmas Day for a family dinner.

When I buy a necklace I am always looking for a minimalistic piece that I know will stand the test of time. This pink stone pendant is classic, has a bit of sparkle, and can be worn on a shorter or longer chain. I am busy trying to find a longer chain for the pendant so that I can wear it as a true pendant. Trust me I can't wait, the pink is the perfect shade, and let's be honest, there's never enough pink right?
Victoria Emerson's products have really blown me away. I would definitely shop online for myself, and gifts for others. Great quality, classic designs, and affordable prices make Victoria Emerson my new fave online accessories shopping destination.

What to Wear Holidays- The Statement Dress

Happy Holidays!
This dress is a real statement piece! I have been debating if I should shorten it, and how much on Instagram so feel free to let me know here. For under $40 this dress will definitely make heads turn.
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Holiday Outing- What to Wear

Hello Hello!

I hope you all had a great holidays and are enjoying making memories with loved ones. I have been living in this dress lately. Velvet is everywhere this season and it really does make a statement. I always love finding a great deal and this dress does not disappoint! Make sure you check out my other velvet faves below!

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What to Wear Holiday Edition- Plaid

Hello Gorgeous!
Let's talk about this plaid dress. I had tried on this exact dress at Zara over a month ago and didn't buy because I knew this one was coming. If you haven't heard of SheIn yet, well today is your day. This online clothing site offers great styles at a budget price point. This dress is an exact copy (even down to the fabric) of the Zara dress I tried on. The plaid colours are gorgeous and with a price point of under $30 (the Zara version is $70) you can't go wrong.
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What To Wear-Holiday Edition (Daytime Event)

With the holiday season upon us let's get into some holiday what to wear's. I have been wearing this pink coat on repeat lately since it's the perfect weight and warmth to run errands in. This coat isn't bulky which makes it very easy to travel around in. With a price point that is really unbelievable (under $40) it's a total steal of a deal!

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