The Most Flattering Dress Is.....

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Happy Saturday! It's nice to be get a post done on the weekend as it seems like lately the weekend is when I can do some work on the blog. For those that have been following me for a while or if you're a new reader, then you must have picked up that I love dresses! Why? Well a dress is one piece of clothing that can instantly make you feel gorgeous. Finding the perfect dress that makes you feel gorgeous, well that's easier said than done, BUT today I am sharing the dress shape that I feel is the most flattering to any body shape. Ready for it?, it's the wrap dress!
A great wrap dress, or in this case a faux wrap dress (which I do prefer), is the perfect style for almost any body type. The wrap dress instantly elongates the torso, while the wrap cinches the waist making your body have a great hourglass shape.
So now where do you find a great wrap dress? Well one of my fave companies Karina Dresses, has probably created the most perfect faux wrap dress called the Ruby. This style comes in around 6 different prints, and 4 solid colours. This is the Ruby in the crimson shade and WOW is this a gorgeous dress! If you have a fave dress style for your body type let me know, I love to try new cuts of dresses all the time.

Keeping it Together

Hello Gorgeous!
Wow has it been a challenge to keep everything working lately. I feel like I am running here, there, and everywhere and not getting a lot done. Between work, mom life, blogging, and day to day chores, I have been extra tired lately. I am planning to do a post on how I fit it all in soon, but for today let's talk about this dress. All of the items I get from Chicwish instantly become my fave and this floral dress is no exception. If you're thinking, "wow, that dress looks familiar", maybe it's because Kate Middleton wore the same print by Kate Spade last Fall season. Cute feminine dresses always win me over!

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New In-Nars

Hello Gorgeous!

It's inching closer to my favourite time of the year-holiday season! And with the holiday season comes gorgeous holiday makeup sets! You will notice in the coming weeks that I will be sharing some of the newest must-have holiday beauty sets on the market. So let's start it off early and talk about all things Nars.  Nars has created a fantastic assortment of holiday kits inspired by Man Ray, an American visual artist. The colours in this collection have been carefully chosen based on Man Ray's colour palette used in his art work.
First up is this great lip collection! With a stunning gold bag and four velvet matte lip pencils, this assortment is the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life. The colours have a metallic sheen to them, and  let's be honest, the bag is incredible.
The Man Ray eye shadow palette has some of the most pigmented colours I have ever worked with.  Nars is definitely known for their colour options and this palette does not disappoint. If you follow on Instagram, then you know I did a story about this palette and how surprised I was when I tried the forest green shade. The packaging is incredible and well, as Taylor Swift is saying,  "you're gorgeous".
It is rare for me to find a face palette that I truly love and think I will use,  I often find I don't like one of the shades or I don't know how to make all the products 'go together' on my face. This Nars Man Ray face palette is probably the first one that I have fallen head over heels for. The bronzer shade is perfect for my skin tone, and the blush is just enough colour for me! Depending on what kind of beauty products your special someone loves, this face palette is a total must have!
The Man Ray blush comes in two colours, and the one shown here is called Fetishized. This insanely saturated shade of pink is my stand out fave in the collection.
Also, in the Nars collection are the Nars x Man Ray Love Triangle blush and Audacious lipstick sets. You can pick up your fave colours, such as Orgasm,  Audrey, and more in a fantastic smaller size gift set. For me, these are perfect for travelling.
As always with Nars I want everything this line creates! Trust me, the new Man Ray collection is stunning and does not disappoint. I can't wait for you to see it and to sample and play with the colours.

Blue- for Fall?

Red Ruffle

A Grand Re-Opening- Tastes of the Season

Hello Gorgeous!
Let's talk shopping malls today, I absolutely love going to the mall to find that perfect item. Whether it's makeup, shoes, clothes, jewellery, I love perusing the shops and then maybe grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area then I highly suggest you check out Oakville Place. It's right off the Q.E.W at the Trafalgar Road exit (super easy highway access), and guess what? Oakville Place has been enhanced to offer you a fantastic shopping experience. I know you're thinking, so what's new at Oakville Place? First off are the new stores, Sephora, Pandora, Swarovski, Pusateri's (this fine food store is worth the trip, trust me), and Hudson's Bay.  Secondly, Oakville Place has had a thirty million dollar renovation, making it easier for you to shop, and stay a while.

This Saturday October 14, from 1-5 p.m. Oakville Place is having a Tastes of the Season event  in the centre court area of the mall. You can stop by and see Krystin Lee creator of the blog Suburban Faux Pas share how to make an Instagram worth table setting. Christie Ressel will share her fave fashion trends for Fall, Natalie Sexton will give you all  her fave the beauty tips and tricks, and Tony Cammalleri from Pusateri's will share some great Fall food ideas. Make sure you get to the Tastes of the Season event early because they first 200 people will receive a swag bag worth up to $500! Oh and if that's not enough make sure you enter to win a $1000 shopping experience by heading to this link here. I am definitely going to check out the new shops and presentations and I can't wait to see you there, make sure you say, "hi".

My Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Hello Gorgeous!

Well well well, today is a bit of a departure for me, because believe it or not, I actually wear jeans! I normally show you feminine dresses, but over the last year or so I have fallen back in love with a great pair of jeans. Finding my perfect pair of denim hasn't been that easy, since I am only 5'2" finding a pair that fits me well is quite hard.
Last month I discovered NYDJ denim, which is a brand that definitely has your perfect pair of jeans. NYDJ claims to make you feel instantly slimmer, and you know what? I agree! I had the chance to try on a few different NYDJ styles, from girlfriend, to skinny, to skinny legging. I finally decided on the jeans you see here, a dark wash skinny (almost legging) denim.
The NYDJ jeans have the right amount built in stretch that really does tuck in you in. I love that these jeans feel nice and snug around my low back area, as many jeans I have 'ride' down through the day. The leg is perfectly skinny, and I have since had these jeans hemmed to my perfect length. The dark wash looks great with everything!
When buying jeans here is my list of tips and tricks to help you:
1. Dark washes obviously make you look slimmer.
2. Make sure your denim has some stretch, without stretch the jeans will never mould to your figure.
3. Try on many different styles, decide which you feel most comfortable in (for me it's a skinny leg).
4. When you find your perfect pair, buy a back up identical pair.
5. Don't be afraid to spend a bit more money on a pair of jeans that you will wear often (2-3 times a week).
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